Leatherback Blues

Leatherback Blues Synopsis: 


This is the first word of an email that our hero, Robin, gets from a young conservationist named Carlos, who begs Robin to help save leatherback turtles in Costa Rica.

Excited about the trip, Robin convinces her side-kick, Zo-Zo, her brother, Squirm. and her quirky grandmother, Griff, to start raising the money for the trip.

Meanwhile, at the Wild Place Animal shelter, Robin and her friends continue to rescue hurt and abandoned animals – a moose that’s got its feet stuck in a fence and a bear that gets its head stuck in a honey bucket as well as carry on with the usual rescues involving skunks, raccoons and porcupines.

When they finally raise the money and go to Costa Rica, they have to deal with insects and poisonous spiders as well as poachers who dig up turtle eggs buried in the sand on the beach to sell them. Outraged, Robin and Zo-Zo try to stop the poaching and get kidnapped.
Zo-Zo wants to fight it out with their kidnappers, but Robin realizes that outsmarting them will win the day.

LEATHERBACK BLUES is the fourth book in the Wild Place Adventure Series



The men chased her. Dark figures in the dark night. She dug her toes into the gritty sand to get traction, but her feet sank into the beach’s cement-like wetness. Afraid, violently afraid, she hurled herself forward, staggering to get her balance. Run. RUN!

Feet thudded behind her. She heard the see-saw sound of grabbed-for breath. Close. Then closer. She pumped her legs up and down, over and over. A hand clenched her arm.

Fiercely, she yanked herself free, but the force of the movement pitched her forward. She buckled, then smashed down hard on the sand. Blood burst from her lower lip. She scrambled up, but the men had her now. Gripping her arms, they hauled her into the air, kicking legs and all, and carried her to a van in the bushes. They threw her inside, gagged her, and bound her hands and feet.

Frantic with fear, she lay in a tight ball, her heart pounding like a fist against a brick wall.



Karen Hood Caddy is an expert storyteller and creates a deeply engrossing read to the very last page.

Kate Macdonald Butler, L.M. Montgomery’s granddaughter.


Karen Hood-Caddy’s Leatherback Blues is a can’t-wait-to-turn-the-page tale, perfect for any young reader who loves animals, the outdoors and adventure. Ms. Hood-Caddy creates a life-changing adventure where kids save endangered turtles while bravely facing scorpions, snakes and poachers. A must-read!

-Caroline Smith, Playwright


“Leatherback Blues is a wonderful book for the budding environmentalist. Robin’s love for animals and passion for doing good around the world is a lesson that we can all learn from.”

  -Jasmine Green, OCT, Kortright Centre for Conservation


Where was this book when I was a kid?

Leatherback Blues is a thrilling adventure that’s engaging and educational—a perfect book for parents looking to raise environmentally thoughtful kids. 

-Deanna Leonard-Spitzer, Marine Biologist


I’m eleven years old and I LOVED this book!! It shows the power of being an environmentalist. I really relate to Robin because she’s passionate about nature like me. I hope I can make a difference like her!

– Mark Spitzer, 11 years old