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I get excited about helping kids take on environmental issues. That’s why each of my books in the Wild Place Adventure Series shows the main character taking on a different environmental issue:  Howl ─  wild animals, The Truth About Brave ─ factory chicken farming, Saving Crazy ─ whales.

In HOWL, (nominated for the 2012 Best Book of the Year Award by the Canadian Library Association as well as the Violet Downey Award), the main character, Robin, aged 12, sets up a wild animal shelter. When the sheriff tries to shut it down, Robin grapples with what to do when something is legally right, but ethically wrong.

In the second book in the series, The Truth About Brave, Robin and Zo-Zo discover a factory chicken farm and sneak into it. Upset about the inhumane and cruel conditions, they let some chickens out and get into serious trouble. The book explores the idea of taking personal responsibility and consequences.

In Saving Crazy, out in August 2015, Robin and Zo-Zo join a whale saving activist in the Southern Ocean for some dramatic high seas adventure and whale saving.


‘EARTH HEROES’ Presentation

To help students become empowered around environmental issues, I have put together a 45-60 minute presentation called ‘Earth Heroes’ that I am taking around to various schools/libraries.  It includes:

Inspiration: A review of what some kids are doing around the planet to save the environment.

Visioning:  A ledvisualization encouraging students to ‘dream’ about actions they’d like to take.

Ideas To Action:  Discussion and planning about how to implement their ideas.

Book Reading/Signing:  I will read from one of The Wild Place Adventure Series books. (To hear me read, go to one of the Audio Excerpts listed in each of the books.)

For more information about the books go to or to contact me:  705-645-8371

Kid Hero’ Links found in my books 

In The Truth about Brave, Robin gives a speech about some ‘kid heroes’ who save animals and the environment.  Here are the websites of those she mentioned.

Jessica Watson:

At 17, Jessica Watson is the youngest girl ever to sail unassisted across the ocean. It took her over four months. There were days when the waves were so big, it looked like she was in a mountain range of water. She believes that just because something hasn’t been done before, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Julia Hill:

Julia Hill lived hundreds of feet up a tree to stop the loggers from cutting it down. She lived in that tree for seven hundred and thirty-eight days, that’s over two whole years! She saved the tree she lived in and the ancient forest that surrounded it.

Ryan Hreljac:

At nineteen, Ryan Hreljac started saving his chore money so he could start building wells so people could have clean water in developing countries. When he had seventy dollars, he built his first well at a Primary School in Uganda. After that, he got so excited that he started the Ryan’s Well Foundation and has brought clean water to over six hundred thousand people. Ryan says his dream is for all of Africa to have clean water.

Hanna Taylor:

Hannah Taylor was only six when she saw a homeless person eating out of a garbage can. She was so grossed out that she organized a bake sale to raise money for a local homeless mission. After that, Hannah started the Ladybug Foundation and began collecting money in ‘ladybug jars’ for homeless people. Then she decided to go after what she calls “The Big Bosses” and has raised over one million dollars and now has a shelter named after her, called ‘Hanna’s Place’ in Winnipeg where she grew up.


Zander Srodes was eleven when he fell in love with Loggerhead Sea Turtles. These turtles can weigh up to three hundred and fifty pounds and measure three feet long. When he found out they were threatened with extinction, he started to give what he called “Turtle Talks,” where he told other kids about turtles and why there were so important. He’s now giving his talks all over the world. Thanks to Zander, this sea turtle might survive.