Flying Lessons

Flying LessonsFlying LessonsĀ Synopsis:

In Flying Lessons, the second book of this trilogy, Jessie and Harley are running a bird sanctuary. When a teenager continually marauds the lake on his jet ski, two loons get hurt, one gets its foot severed. Although Jessie is told to euthanize them (loons rarely live in captivity), she are Harley turn their couch into a nest and make a Herculean effort to save them.

Meanwhile, Jessie plots a way to stop the teenager from destroying more of the wildlife she loves. Unfortunately, her strategy results in serious physical injury to the boy. When Alex, a woman on the run for a high profile job in the city arrives at their doorstep, the tension between the rights of people versus the rights of the nature kingdom explodes.

Despite the tough issues this book explores, it has a satisfying, redeeming ending. People who love birds, and loons, love this story.