Leatherback Blues

Leatherback Blues Synopsis:  “HELP!” This is the first word of an email that our hero, Robin, gets from a young conservationist named Carlos, who begs Robin to help save leatherback turtles in Costa Rica. Excited about the trip, Robin convinces her side-kick, Zo-Zo, her brother, Squirm. and her quirky grandmother, Griff, to start raising the money for the trip. Meanwhile, at the Wild Place Animal shelter, Robin and her friends continue to rescue hurt and abandoned animals – a moose that’s got its feet stuck in a fence and a bear that gets its head stuck in a honey bucket as well as carry on with the usual rescues involving skunks, raccoons and porcupines. When they finally raise the money and go to Costa Rica, they have to … [Read more...]


Howl Synopsis: After twelve-year-old Robin’s mother dies, she and her family move to Ontario to live with an eccentric grandmother, Griff. Robin decides not to care about anything, but when her pregnant dog falls through the ice, she is forced to realize that she can’t stop herself from caring. Griff helps Robin save her dog by crawling out on the ice. After this rescue, other hurt and orphaned animals come to Robin and soon she finds herself running an illegal wild animal shelter. She tries to hide what she’s doing from her veterinarian father, but he finds out. When the town insists she shut it down, Robin seeks out Griff who tells her about Emmeline Pankhurst, the suffragette who chained herself to Parliament to gain the vote for … [Read more...]

The Truth About Brave

Synopsis of The Truth About Brave: Robin’s best friend, Zo-Zo, persuades her to raid a local chicken farm to see if it’s a ‘factory farm’. Robin hesitates for even though she’s deeply committed to animal welfare, she doesn’t want to upset her dad. Nonetheless, she agrees and that night, she, Zo-Zo and her brother, Squirm, all sneak out in the middle of the night. At the farm, they are horrified by the cruel conditions of the chickens. Zo-Zo begins to let the chickens out. Farmer Higgins awakens and fires shots at them. Squirm has an asthma attack, but Robin and Zo-Zo manage somehow to drag him to the safety of the woods. They manage to scramble away, but in the ensuing days, Robin is frightened they will be caught. Meanwhile, Robin is … [Read more...]

Saving Crazy

Synopsis of Saving Crazy: It is late summer and the hottest day of the century. Robin is returning from Winnipeg in a car with broken air conditioning. All she can think about is diving into the fresh, cool water of her lake at home. But when she, Squirm and Zo-Zo run down to the dock, they are shocked to see the lake covered in a thick green slime ─ an algae bloom. A Lake Association meeting is called, but Zo-Zo is discourages about the environment and doesn’t think it will do any good. The girls go anyway and meet McCoy, a new kid in town. Zo-Zo falls in love with him. Unfortunately, so does Robin. When McCoy shows interest in Robin and arranges to meet her on her own, Robin feels guilty and does not tell Zo-Zo. Zo-Zo finds out and … [Read more...]

The Wisdom of Water

The Wisdom of Water Synopsis: In the last book of the trilogy, Jessie is campaigning to protect the quality of water in her area, when Dan, the man who runs the water treatment plant becomes her client. A sewage spill occurs and Dan covers it up. Many people become gravely ill. When Harley is on the verge of death, Jessie calls a native elder who performs a special healing ceremony to save him. Jessie ends up comforting Dan and helping him work through the disaster his cover-up creates. This is a book about the power of truth and its ability to create positive change. Nominations/Awards/Reviews “A hymn to nature...” - The Globe and Mail “A compelling read...” - The Globe and Mail “Her best work yet!” - The … [Read more...]

Flying Lessons

Flying Lessons Synopsis: In Flying Lessons, the second book of this trilogy, Jessie and Harley are running a bird sanctuary. When a teenager continually marauds the lake on his jet ski, two loons get hurt, one gets its foot severed. Although Jessie is told to euthanize them (loons rarely live in captivity), she are Harley turn their couch into a nest and make a Herculean effort to save them. Meanwhile, Jessie plots a way to stop the teenager from destroying more of the wildlife she loves. Unfortunately, her strategy results in serious physical injury to the boy. When Alex, a woman on the run for a high profile job in the city arrives at their doorstep, the tension between the rights of people versus the rights of the nature kingdom … [Read more...]

Tree Fever

When a stand of 100-year-old trees is threatened, Jessie Dearborn-James, a psychotherapist in a small town, is pushed off the branch of her conventional life and gets called an “environmental tree hugger”. One of her clients, who is dying, helps her realize the importance of standing for what she believes in. Harley Skinkeeper, a part Ojibway man, takes Jesse through some native rituals that give her the courage to withstand the powerful forces in the town that want to silence her. They become lovers and she discovers her own strong sensuality and a deep commitment to be true to her inner knowing. This helps her repair a deep rift in her relationship with her daughter, Robin, who sides with the developer who wants to take down the trees. … [Read more...]

The Findhorn Book of Everyday Abundance

The Findhorn Book of Everyday Abundance is full of tools for creating your best YOU and living a full-out life of passions and inspiration. Change Your Energy, Change Your Life is a fun way to build skills in handling your moods, attitudes and responses to life. … [Read more...]